Let me just say…
Wedding planners, caterers, photographers, or any other bridal industry professionals do NOT have the right to regulate the PRICE of Mobile DJs.

Venues do NOT have the right to decide which Mobile DJs can and cannot work. And PLEASE let them set up in the most advantageous spot for sound reinforcement and effectiveness — usually in close proximity to the dance floor.

DJs might compete, but they do NOT have the right to tell other Mobile DJ professionals that they charge too much. Or that they are “ripping off” their clients. Nor do they have the right to tell others that they charge too little (even if it’s true).

Do not disrupt a Mobile DJ Professional’s ability to create the proper flow of the event. Numbers on a page mean nothing if the timing is just plain wrong.

Do not demand a song “right now.” Make a request, and if it works, your Mobile DJ Professional will mix it in for maximum impact. Timing is everything.

Clients have EVERY right to tell a Mobile DJ that her/his price is too high. Clients have EVERY right to tell a venue which Mobile DJ professional is preferred. Clients have EVERY right to contract with any Mobile DJ Professional they desire.

The Mobile DJ Professional works directly for her/his client(s). Whatever arrangements they make are strictly unique to them and do NOT concern any other industry professional.

Do not impede, in any way, a Mobile DJ Professional’s freedom to earn a living in her/his chosen profession. Give Mobile DJ Professionals the respect they deserve as peers.

Vet and then TRUST your Mobile DJ Professional. She/He will know how to engage your guests, create energy, emphasize moments, program music, keep the event moving, and guarantee its success. Let her/him do their job.

Please treat your Mobile DJ Professional ethically.

NOTE:  Credit to Mark Farrell and the Marbecca Workshops.  Mark Farrell is an industry leader for Professional DJ’s.