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1st in Michiana to offer a guarantee, an interactive website, and the Love Story!

 Many people are curious as to what our current terms of the contracts, and also what the terminology we use represents.  This page will highlight all of the terms listed in our contracts, and subsequently the terminology used in today's entertainment industry.

FEES:  Rates/Fees are quoted on an individual basis.  While we do have three packages to choose from, you may need a package "tweeked" to meet your specific needs.  Call and schedule your interview today.

MILEAGE:  Purrfect Occassions serves a 25 mile radius of Osceola Indiana.  There are some cities and venues      just outside of the service radius, that are considered free from mileage charges.  Please call if you are uncertain.  Purrfect Occassions will travel anywhere!  We have performed hundreds of miles away from South Bend.            Call for your quote.

TERMS:  A minimum of $250 due to execute and reserve an entertainer on a specified date.  Balances are due 7 days prior to the event date.  Once we receive a contract, you will have 30 days from the receipt of that contract that you may cancel and get the deposit refunded.  Otherwise, the deposit is nonrefundable, as are subsequent payments, installments or deposits.

CANCELLATIONS:  You may cancel a contract at any time, however, should you cancel a contract with less than 90 days prior to the event date, you may be required to pay the balance in full.  In the event Purrfect Occassions is able to secure another event for that same date, we will absolve you of any such liability.  Special circumstances may apply to you, if in doubt, please call us.

OTHER FEES:  You will be responsible for associated fees from NSF Checks and late payments.  The fees as stated above are each in the amount of $25.  We can hold your check for up to two (2) weeks or until payday if necessary.  You should never have a bounced check fee with Purrfect Occassions.  It is our contention to work with you to overcome any obstacles that may present themselves over the course of our relationship.

GUARANTEE:  First, you will NEVER be cancelled by Purrfect Occassions!  Our contract specifically states that: "In the event Purrfect Occassions fails to show up at your event, we will refund you 150% of the contract."  Secondly, our contract also states:  "Purrfect Occassions guarantees you entertainment for the event, and reserve the right to substitute any entertainer within the group, or from another company, to ensure the client has entertainment, and that such cost shall be paid for by Purrfect Occassions, not the client."  QUESTION:  Has any company you have hired offered any type of a guarantee like this?  Probably not!  Choose our services today!


DISC JOCKEY (DJ):  An individual who is responsible for mixing music.  This is typically 1/2 of what Purrfect Occassions is responsible for doing.  The rest is made up of the following:

MASTER OF CEREMONIES (MC):  An individual responsible for introducing the members of a bridal party, or facilitating as a public speaker at functions other than weddings and anniversaries.  This person is also responsible for the organization of the event, including beginning the event in a timely fashion.

EVENT COORDINATOR:  An individual responsible for coordinating the efforts of the other professionals at an event.  This includes the banquet hall and caterer, the photographer, videographer, and even a wedding coordinator.  As an event coordinator we can ensure a smooth transition from one part of the evening to the next.  Our online forms are extremely helpful for all.

ENTERTAINER:  An individual responsible for entertaining the masses at your event.  Commonly referred to as the party motivator (not a comedian).  At Purrfect Occassions we will assist you in motivating your invited guests.  This means teaching new dances and leading old favorites.  Anything necessary to get the people off their seats, on their feet, and bouncing their way to the fun on the dance floor.  True, we are not the center of attention, rather, we are an instrument that you can count on to make your event more exciting and fun.  An event that will be talked about at the water cooler on Monday, an event that will be remembered for years to come.